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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

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There are many “SEOexperts” out there who try to convince webmasters that black hat SEO techniques can be effective and long lasting. This is wrong.
Why? Simply because black hat SEO is unethical and can cause you to get banned from search engines. Google will rank your site based on two simple elements:
  1. Content
  2. Back links
If your site has unique content, with the correct relevant keywords and other with quality sites link back to you, your site will be ranked high in the results (SERPS). It is a simple as that… You cannot beat Google. 
Google always finds a way to eliminate spammy tactics, so it is better to make it like you site.
How? Avoid black hat SEO techniques that break search engines rules and regulations.

Top 10 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid
1. No content. Content is king and especially when it is unique. Pages with no content, full of keywords and keyword phrases will not work. This is mainly the reason that your squeeze page is not in SERPS!!

2. Duplicated Content. Google likes unique content and hates spams. Search engine spiders will probably treat your site as spam and ban it from SERPS if it is full of duplicated content.

3. Link Farms. Back links are great only when they come from relevant, high quality websites. Creating useless back links in unrelated, low quality blogs and websites will result you get banned.

4. Doorway and Gateway pages. Doorway pages are “fake” pages invisible to your website visitors which are used in an attempt to “fool” spiders. Google only ranks rich content landing pages accessible to humans, so no reason for a doorway page at all.

5. Unrelated keywords. Choosing the correct keyword and optimize for them can bring you tons of organic traffic, but irrelevant once are totally useless. Let’s assume for example that “free iPods” is a keyword of high demand and low competition and that you can optimize for it. For a while Google will send you traffic. This means that when someone searches for “free iPod” your site will appear in the results, and you will have a visitor but, your site is about Canon Cameras! Can you convert that visitor? Absolutely not… She is looking for a free iPod and you are trying to sell a camera.

6. Blog Spamming. Commenting on blogs is a great way to build back links, but only when the blog is relevant and you have something to contribute to the conversation. Spamming other people blogs using software that generates text full of keywords will get you banned

7. Keyword Stuffing. This means to use many long keywords and repeat then again and again. Google hates keyword stuffing and it will flag your site as spam.

8. Pingback Spam. Pingback spam is to notify ping servers several times per day/hour/minute and give the illusion that the content is new, when it is not. Users will report you in no time.

9. Social Networking Spam. Finding targeted people and send the spam messages about your site/product is consider social networking spamming. No-one likes spam and thus user will report before you get any traffic.

10. Track bank spam. Track bank spam is to abuse trackbacks with links to irrelevant topics and/or websites. Link back only to relevant and legitimate sources.
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How To Create Backlinks

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What Are Backlinks And Why Are They Important?

One of the biggest search engines out these days is Google. Google ranks using content, formatting, and linking. The higher that Google calculates the 'quality' of your website, the higher your ranking will be in Google searches. One way to have your website seen as high quality by Google is to have other websites link to it. This is known as backlinking (thus "how to create backlinks").

In this article I will show you how to create backlinks to your website and have it indexed by Google a bit faster (usually). This is by no means meant to be a long and wordy novel on the joys of how to create backlinks. What I'm hoping is to give some simple steps that you can take to jumpstart your site on Google using backlinks. Please comment and let me know if this article was of any help!

(To recap: Backlinks are links from other sites to your websites. Backlinks are important because good backlinks increase your ranking on Google searches.)

NOTE: Nothing beats having great content! Make sure that you have something that will catch people's attention. What good is a link to something that doesn't make people want to keep coming back to your site?

Property of surely at

1: Current High PR Websites

There are already plenty of sites that rank highly on Google. Why not use these to boost your site's ranking? Here are 3 ways to create backlinks from these websites:

Post regularly and then ask for a link, or post a link eventually. Make sure that you add information and quality to their site before trying to create a backlink from it. (No one likes a freeloader!) Find older, high PR sites that still have guestbooks setup. Simply enter a nice comment that features links to your website.

Search in Google for high ranking blog sites that feature comments by typing in "[your keywords here]" "powered by wordpress" "leave a comment" -"no comments". Once you gain some results, go through the sites and make sure that they do not have the "no follow" code. (you can do this by pressing "Ctrl+U" then "Ctrl+F". Type in "nofollow". If the word search finds "nofollow" in the website code, then you are unable to add a link. Otherwise, you should be good to link to your website.)

2: Social Bookmarking Sites

A VERY good and popular way to get your website listed on Google is through social bookmarking websites such as Not only do these sites give your website exposure, but they also create tons of backlinks. These sites are indexed by Google pretty regularly, and so your submissions stand a good chance of being indexed quickly. 3 simple steps of getting setup on social bookmarking sites are:

If it applies, make sure to optimize your article / post headlines for maximum interest. (see: "10 Surefire Headline Formulas That Work")

Got to to sign up for, and submit your website to, social bookmarking sites Make sure to submit your major articles and posts (but don't overdo it!). Make sure to add friends and comment on other posts / articles. The more friends that you have, and quality posts and votes that you've made, the more chance you have to get traffic (and backlinks) to your website.

3: Hubpages & Squidoo

Squidoo and Hubpages are both websites that provide users with one webpage to write about any topic. This is pretty useful since, just like the social bookmarking sites, these sites are indexed regularly and rank pretty high on Google. A good strategy is to submit articles, that include links back to your website, to these sites as pages. Submit articles with enough quality and people will link back to your squidoo and hubpages sites.

4: Video Marketing

Video Marketing is a great way to advertise and create backlinks. A Secret: There is usually a lot less competition for the ranking of videos in searches, than the ranking of websites. So there is A LOT of potential to get yourself noticed. Not only will people link to and view your videos, but they will sometimes put your videos on their websites as well! 3 steps to creating backlinks through videos are:

Sign up for the video website and enter information about your website in your website profile. Post funny, shocking, or informative videos that have to do with your website. make sure to use software like Camtasia to edit the video so that it includes a branded watermark (An example: BigBadBully: Teach Your Dog To Sit). Make sure to also post your videos to your blog or website with added text. (YouTube and Google Video are great websites to create backlinks)

5: The Basics

Another option is going back to the basics with text link trade. I'm not talking about the trades that you're used to. This linking system basically adds links to sites that choose to have a link posted from your website. The good thing about it is that the code that THEY use will include a backlink to your site. The code that the person who clicks through their site will use will have a backlink to your website as well. Check it out at.

6: Get Creative!

Some creative ways to create backlinks include:

Create Software that includes links to your website.

Create Plugins that include links to your website.

Create Website Code that includes links to your websites.

Create Website Layouts / Templates that include links to your website (can you imagine how many backlinks this could make for you?!).

Donate To A Non-Profit Organization / Cause that posts up informatin about people who make donations. Have them post up information about your website.

Answer questions on "Yahoo! Answers" and other "answer sites". Make sure to put a link to your website in your answer (preferably to an article or page on your site that addresses the question). Join Twitter and have it follow your posts.

Create a Myspace And Facebook Profile for your website.

Be a guest author on blogs and news websites.

Create an online forum or Yahoo/Google group.

Create an ebook, that has plenty of links to your website, and that you can give away for free.

Submit your site to web directories.

Link inside of craigslist ads.

Link inside of forums.

Join the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Network with friends and local businesses for links.

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High PR Press Release Submission Sites

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          is a press release?

A press release is a document issued to media and consumers to announce yourself and your product.  With the help of well written press release you can increase your sales, expose your company to the masses, and greatly enhance the image of your business or products.
So I am sharing some high PR press release in which you can do manually submission. It may be beneficial for you to increase traffic and sales for your company and its services.

List of High PR Press Release Websites-
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High PR Article Submission Sites

| |
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High PR Social Bookmarking Sites

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Hi guys,
             These are the some high PR social bookmarking sites which I am using since last 2 month and I found that these are really effective to improve traffic as well as ranking in all search engines. So I am sharing these to all of you, Hope this will helpful for you. CHECK IT OUT.

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High PR Free Directory Submission List

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Hi Friends,
                  There are the list of 100+ directory list with high PR and you can submit your URL manually.

List Of Directories-

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5 Tips to save your website to be penalized

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These days large number of domain owners are facing a lot of difficulty in getting their websites ranked high on the search engines because of the Google Panda software that prevents websites from getting ranked higher if their content is not rich enough. The quality of content plays a very important role these days specially after several updates from Google like Google Panda and Google Penguin therefore it’s important to work on to your own website before you get in touch with a seo expert. The Google Panda now penalises the entire domain name if the content of the website is not found up to the mark. Mere optimization techniques do not work anymore. This can be achieved by the following the points given below-

Unique Content

The content of your blog or website plays the most important role in ranking your
website on the top. You can no more achieve the top rank by mere keyword stuffing
and increasing the keyword density, or optimising your website according to the
search engines. Many people used techniques like hidden keywords to attract the
spiders of the search engines. With the development of Google Panda and Google
Penguin, all these techniques have started failing. The only way that you can save
your website from getting penalised is by enriching the content written in it.

Good Title Tag & Meta Description that make sense

The content of the website includes that you should write proper titles and tags and
ensure the content is not merely stuffed under the headings. It should be properly
framed and should make sense. Useless articles and senseless words are directly
rejected by these hi-tech algorithms. For that, you should make sure that the content
is properly organised and systematic with proper headings and sub headings. As on
page optimization usually require much in depth knowledge and hands on experience
to develop good tags it’s better to outsource seo to India that will save your time.

Don’t over optimized – don’t always keep the same anchor text to build back

Over optimisation is a big cause of penalties posed on the websites these days. The
major purpose of writing the blog in the website should not be for the SEO purposes.
The algorithms easily catch such mistakes and they penalise your website if found
so. The sole purpose of creating the website should be served within the content.
It should be of high quality and written without the intention of SEO in mind. You
should also make sure that the same anchor text should not be used for building of
back links.

Avoid link exchange

Another way to prevent your website being caught by hi-tech algorithms is to avoid
too much link exchange. Using many links may also lead you in the middle of

Avoid spam forum and blog comment

You should take care to avoid the blog comments and spam forums as much as
possible as it might be one of the reasons for getting you penalised.

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Google Reminds Webmasters: Selling Links Can Lead To PageRank Penalty

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Matt Cutts, Google’s lead of search spam, wrote a blog post named “Why did our PageRank go down?”
The post is a reminder to webmasters that selling links that pass PageRank can lead to a Google penalty.
Back in October 2007, Google officially came out saying selling paid links can hurt your PageRank and then shortly after, Google dished out the PageRank penalties to many web sites, including some major newspaper web sites.
Since then, Google added the terms to their webmaster guidelines and has done videos on the topic.
Matt shared the email he sent to the publisher about why their PageRank dropped. In short, he said “PageRank drops by 30-50%” typically are due to “selling links that pass PageRank.” Matt went on to explain they detected, not sure if it was automatically or manually, links labeled “sponsored that passed PageRank.” Matt added that Google “received a outside spam report about your site” with details on different paid links on other sections of the web site.
Once the site removes the paid links or makes sure they do not pass any PageRank, Matt said you should submit a “reconsideration request” to remove the manual penalty.
As I noted at the Search Engine Roundtable, John Mueller in a Google Hangout yesterday said the same thing.

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The Difference In Keyword Research For SEO vs. PPC

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Often when I complete a keyword research project for a client, they ask me about keywords I may not have included, or they want to know what the relative competition on the keywords looks like. This happens often enough that I thought I would remind everyone that while research for SEO and PPC can go hand in hand, they’re actually very different.
First, think about what your goals are with each medium. What are you trying to do, and what constitutes success in that area? Next, think about how the keywords will be used. Where, when, how often?
Finally, consider what your margin for error is. If you don’t get exactly the right keyword, what’s the penalty?
PPC and SEO evaluation

What… Is Your Quest?

In SEO, your goal should be to understand the keyword landscape of a topic. What keywords do people search for, and what does this tell us about their intent? What can we learn from looking at keywords in a broader context?
For PPC, your goal should be to find the keywords that you can bid on. Which keywords are going to make you the most potential money for your cost-per-click investment?
You should focus on keywords that suggest a purchase (or goal completion), that represent a category area that is profitable for you, and that you can’t easily get ranked for in organic (most of the time – there are exceptions to this).

What… Is The Air-Speed Velocity Of An Unladen Swallow?

Let’s start with PPC this time. And no, I don’t know the airspeed of a swallow, laden or unladen, so I’d be thrown into the abyss. But I do know PPC.
You’ll use the keywords in your campaigns and ad groups, in your ad copy, and on your landing page. You want to have a very tight correlation between each so that your Quality Score is high. This is pretty much it in terms of how you will use your PPC keywords.
For SEO, you’ll use these keywords as the foundation of everything that you do. Ideally, you’ll correlate your existing content on your website with them, find the gaps, and decide if you want to create additional content to fill those gaps.
You’ll identify a focus keyword or two for each page on the website, and correlate the meta tags, title, and content to match the focus keyword. You’ll also use those keywords to track and benchmark your ranking progress. I’ve created a handy image below that explains this.
Uses for SEO and PPC
Keyword uses for SEO and PPC, plus the margin for error

Understand The Margin Of Error For SEO & PPC Keywords 

In SEO, your margin for error is very large. If you use a keyword in a way that just doesn’t work, you’ll adjust it and try again. You may find yourself ranking for or getting traffic for keywords you didn’t think about. Those are a bonus, and you can just add them into your reports as needed.
You’ll also want to refresh your keyword research every now and then to make sure there aren’t new advances, technologies, products or ideas that weren’t popular when you first did your research.
Since SEO doesn’t cost a fee per keyword, you won’t (or you shouldn’t) shy away from high competition words that you may not get. It doesn’t hurt you at all to continue competing for those, and if anything, it makes it easier to qualify for many longer tail keywords.
Plus, on the user experience side, it makes your site much cleaner, because instead of having headings like “Wedding Accessories for Dog Ring Bearers”, you can stick with “Wedding Accessories” or the more specific but still high volume “Ring Bearer Pillows”. It’s important to adjust the depth of the keyword to the depth of the site, with top level pages using broader keywords and sub-categories being much more specific.
Conversely, the margin for error in PPC is small. Every mistake costs you money. Every keyword that you bid on puts you in direct monetary competition with other sites. You need to go over your keywords with a fine tooth comb, cutting out any that aren’t working, adding negatives, expanding to new opportunities, and always with one eye on the cost per click and the other on the Quality Score.
You need to make sure your keywords are tightly categorized by theme, that your ad copy is performing as well as it possibly can, and that your tight ad group/keyword strategy extends to your landing page and the way keywords are used on it. The efforts must be meticulous and calculated.
So the next time you are tempted to ask your consultant why they didn’t include competition metrics in an SEO keyword list, or why PPC categories are done by keyword rather than intent, think about the differences between the two mediums. And remember that just because data is available, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily useful in all contexts.
Thanks to Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s Bridge of Death scene for being the inspiration for my headings.
Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Apple Wins: Samsung Infringes: Is Mobile Search Affected?

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Late Friday, the court ruled in the patent case of Apple versus Samsung. In short, Apple destroyed Samsung and most of the claims of patent infringement against Samsung were found legit.
Apple was awarded about $1.5 billion in damages, which is not a lot for Apple but it is more about values and principle for Apple than the money.
Of course, this means Samsung will likely have to make lots of changes on their devices. I am not sure what it means for existing devices.
The big question now is, will Apple sue Google over Android? The Verge has a statement from Google saying:
The court of appeals will review both infringement and the validity of the patent claims. Most of these don't relate to the core Android operating system, and several are being re-examined by the US Patent Office. The mobile industry is moving fast and all players - including newcomers - are building upon ideas that have been around for decades. We work with our partners to give consumers innovative and affordable products, and we don't want anything to limit that.
They act like they are not worried but I would think Apple will go after Google. As a matter of principle.
Now if they do, what type of impact will this have on mobile search, voice search and image search? On that front, I suspect not much. But I am no lawyer. Greg Sterling, who was/is a lawyer and knows his thing on search, wrote a lot about this at Marketing Land.
For more coverage, see Techmeme.

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Are DMCA Requests Up After Google's Algorithm Announcement? Nope.

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On August 10th, Google announced that valid DMCA requests are part of their algorithms for search quality.
We expected a bunch of new SEO services to come up where you would pay a monthly fee to submit your competitors sites to Google's DMCA forms. We expected that DMCA takedown requests would surge.
But have they? Some say they have, but have they in response to Google's search quality announcement? Maybe not.
Google's transparency report shows August 13th take down requests versus August 20th and the number is slightly down from the 13th to the 20th.
Google DMCA August 13
Google DMCA August 20
In fact, it is down almost 5%. August 13th had 1,496,220 and August 20th had 1,427,369 take down requests.
It is way too early to tell now but I'd expect the number to continue to rise, with or without it being part of the Google algorithm.

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Confirmed: Google Panda 3.9.1 Update

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Over the past few days, even as far back as last Friday, I noticed a lot of chatter on a possible Google update.
So yesterday, after returning from my family vacation, I emailed Google to confirm that an update was indeed happening. Shortly after receiving my email, they replied that they just confirmed it via Twitter.
Google said they rolled out a minor Panda refresh this past Monday on August 20th. This refresh only impacted less than 1% of search queries according to Google.

The previous Panda refresh was a month prior on July 24th.
I did receive emails from a few people who asked me to verify that this was a Panda refresh. Because they saw changes on their Panda penalized (pandalized) sites and wanted to know if they finally broke out of that penalty. Here is a screen shot from one site that recovered with this update:
Analytics of Google Panda Recovery

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Adapting to the algorithm updates

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All our SEO services are planned and executed carefully to be compliant with the search engine guidelines of the past, present and future. Having a long run of experience with the search engine algorithm changes (over a decade) our research team makes reliable predictions on the future safety of the SEO services that we offer today. A website cannot present itself to the right target audience without SEO. In fact the search engines do recommend SEOing your website and clearly state that they are not saying no to SEO but targeting the unsafe, spammy SEO strategies.
matt cutts

Current focus (Updated May 2012):

#1 Google Penguin update 24th April 2012 [ More info about the update ]
#2 Google Panda update V 3.2

Offering only the organic SEO services – Our Clients Needn’t worry anytime

organic SEO services
We do offer many conventional SEO services such as social bookmarking service, directory submission service, article marketing etc. In fact all these SEO services are safe if done the right way. So, when it comes to refreshing the services based on the current algorithms, we make changes in the approach that we use with each service. That’s how we differ from other service providers and SEO companies. As said earlier, all our services are future proof and so our existing clients do not have anything to worry about the latest panda or Google penguin update.

We can assure this because we use:

  • NO Black-hat SEO – We never use any blackhat strategies with our services
  • 100% Manual services - Our SEO process is 100% manual with no implementation of bots at any part of the project. This makes sure that relevant information is spread at the right spots with proper formats
  • Quality Sites - The list of sites that we use to promote your website is clean, search engine friendly with good page ranks and very popular. We do not have sites belonging to a same IP network in our list. There are no malicious or virus attacked sites too.
  • Foolproof SEO - The onsite SEO services that we offer, makes sure that your website is 100% compliant with the search engine guidelines with all ranking factors fulfilled
  • Natural Link Building - The natural, organic and slow promotion has already made sure that your website is not hit by the over-optimization penalty.

SEO Strategy Update Post Penguin and Panda updates -

SEO Strategy
As all our current SEO services comply with the safety guidelines of the Panda 3.4 (also the secret panda 3.5 & 3.6) and the Penguin update, there are no services which are discontinued. However, we have made changes in the strategies used with all the services. The strategy change mainly deals with the data supplied from your side.
Please read the information below before supplying the data for the services that you had ordered.

Quick Navigation

Anchor text usage:

Our SEO services get links back to your website in 2 forms.
The entire SEO world out there focuses too much on the anchor texts to link back to their websites. According to most of them, using the keywords as the anchor text would rank the websites high. This belief was true to a great extent in the past, but after the penguin update, using “exact match” keywords as the anchor text would qualify for the over-optimization penalty. So, the following changes have been made with our strategies:
  • We would get the keywords as usual as the required information, but they would be used as tags alone but not as anchor texts.
  • The anchor texts used would be natural such as “visit website”, “more information”, “read more” as applicable. If you are ordering a SEO package, our research team would find related “long tailed keywords” of your target keywords and would use it to make it to look more natural.

If we are not using the keywords as the anchor text, how is my website going to rank?

This would be the big question arising in your mind now. According to the current Google algorithm, the anchor text should be natural and should make sense to the reader alone (not to the search engine bots). The bots on the other hand would sense the information from the content on board your website along with the meta title and description and would decide which keyword to rank the page for. So, as long as you are building links back using the natural anchor tags, the page would rank high based on the onsite information.

Services which use anchor tags:
  • Assured Article Links(AAL)
  • AAL++
  • TEZA
  • Link Wheels
  • Squidoo Lens
  • Document Sharing
  • Social Media Blogs
  • All the SEO packages with us would make use of a combination of anchor text and url links

Optimizing a number of inner page urls

Yet another important change with the strategy is to use many inner page urls with a single service. It is always the best to use multiple urls within each service in order to avoid over-optimization of a single page and to make the promotion look natural. This is applicable for all the services that we offer (both anchor texts and url links).
While providing the data for our services, be sure to provide a minimum of 5 urls for promotion. However, there are a few services where inner page urls are not allowed, but is safe to use a single home page url.
Services that allow only a single home page url
  • Directory Submission Service
  • Niche Directory Submission
  • Country Directory Submission
  • Special Directory Submission
  • Affiliate Directory Submission
  • Directory Submission Panda
  • Apps Directory Submission
  • Continuous Directory Submission
All other services could make use of 5-12 inner page urls depending on the quantity chosen

Slow and organic promotion

There were a few SEO services with us which were done in a single shot. While some of those services are safe and meant to be done in a single shot, there are a few others which need to be spread over a period of time in order to make the promotion much more organic. For example, social bookmarking service becomes organic when done at a slow pace. The current Google algorithm loves gradual and slow promotion and for that reason, most of our services are spread over a certain period.

Using brand names or real names as usernames in social media

It was a common practice to use the keywords as the usernames when creating profiles for the social media marketing services. Currently, after the algorithm update, it is highly recommended to avoid this. Be sure to use either the company name (brand name) or a real name. Social media profiles are mainly for branding, however, you are free to use keywords within the content posted to the social media profiles as applicable. 

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SEO strategies or Branding using social media marketing? What should you do during the rest of 2012?

| |

Infographic on SEO Vs Branding

There was lot of speculation surrounding this topic throughout 2012. The series of algorithm updates from Google staring very early this year has made everyone think if they should really focus on SEO anymore. This infographic clears the confusion:

In fact the attention turned towards effective branding through social media and using different content such as the infographics and videos. With infographic promotion and video marketing boosting the effectiveness of branding strategies, marketers started to believe in the fact that 2012 need more branding than SEO. Adding to this belief, Google updated the algorithms frequently, which turned some of the best SEO strategies into something that could be harm. The result – falling rankings and traffic from search engines. However, websites that marked their brand presence in the social media continued to survive. There are scenarios where websites completely got rid of SEO and entered full-fledged into branding through social media. Is it the right strategy? Can websites survive with little or no SEO. This infographic explains it all. Clearly, it is a combination of brand promotion and SEO that you need to do throughout the rest of 2012.

Source : Infographics
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SEO Infography That Defines Just the Right Way to SEO

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You either do your SEO right or wrong. Worse case is where you are indifferent towards it.

Right Way to SEO.jpgSEOBook releases yet another informational and quite crisp infographic that categorizes the 'Ways in which SEO is performed'. They have creatively put the message through this infograph for all those seeking SEO on their website on the - Wrong way to do it, the Right way to do and the Indifferent way to do it

SEO strategies
SEO Infographic by SEO Book

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New Era of Marketing with Clicks

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If you are tech friendly and your command over your skill is good than you can domineer this world with mouse Clicks.

It’s easy to make any website, blog or portal, but the hard thing is the promotion or marketing. Today online marketing or internet marketing is very famous and supporting. If you have knowledge about web world, your command over English is good and with good communication skills you can earn very good income through home. 
What is Internet Marketing
Before starting we should aware about the difference between traditional or internet marketing.  Traditional marketing is limited in newspaper, radio, TV and Magazines. But on other side world of internet marketing is very vast. In online marketing we do touch the every place in world through web. The basic feed of any website or blog is online marketing or we can say it online promotion. The main player in Internet Marketing is SEO, SMO and SMM.
To optimize any search engine link Google, yahoo or bing is known as SEO. In this we use Keywords and optimize it in different search engines. By the using this keyword we lift our site ranking in SEs. And once our site comes in rank we get huge traffic on our website. In this the source of earning money is through PPC (Pay per click) or Google Adsense.
SMO– Social Media Optimization. In SMO we use the popular Social Networking sites. In this technique RSS Feed, social news, sharing and likes button, user rating, polling and many more tools helps us to promote our website. Sites like youtube and dailymotion is here for video and photo sharing which is modern technique to promote our website. Blogging, comment on other’s blog and updating on social network website is attract more traffic to our website. 
Social Media Marketing is like social media optimization but we do direct in marketing in SMM. We do direct marketing on sites like facebook, twitter, g+ or In this a profile is created of product or service and content is updated on daily basis, so that the more user can attach with this.
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