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Monday, 27 August 2012

Adapting to the algorithm updates

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All our SEO services are planned and executed carefully to be compliant with the search engine guidelines of the past, present and future. Having a long run of experience with the search engine algorithm changes (over a decade) our research team makes reliable predictions on the future safety of the SEO services that we offer today. A website cannot present itself to the right target audience without SEO. In fact the search engines do recommend SEOing your website and clearly state that they are not saying no to SEO but targeting the unsafe, spammy SEO strategies.
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Current focus (Updated May 2012):

#1 Google Penguin update 24th April 2012 [ More info about the update ]
#2 Google Panda update V 3.2

Offering only the organic SEO services – Our Clients Needn’t worry anytime

organic SEO services
We do offer many conventional SEO services such as social bookmarking service, directory submission service, article marketing etc. In fact all these SEO services are safe if done the right way. So, when it comes to refreshing the services based on the current algorithms, we make changes in the approach that we use with each service. That’s how we differ from other service providers and SEO companies. As said earlier, all our services are future proof and so our existing clients do not have anything to worry about the latest panda or Google penguin update.

We can assure this because we use:

  • NO Black-hat SEO – We never use any blackhat strategies with our services
  • 100% Manual services - Our SEO process is 100% manual with no implementation of bots at any part of the project. This makes sure that relevant information is spread at the right spots with proper formats
  • Quality Sites - The list of sites that we use to promote your website is clean, search engine friendly with good page ranks and very popular. We do not have sites belonging to a same IP network in our list. There are no malicious or virus attacked sites too.
  • Foolproof SEO - The onsite SEO services that we offer, makes sure that your website is 100% compliant with the search engine guidelines with all ranking factors fulfilled
  • Natural Link Building - The natural, organic and slow promotion has already made sure that your website is not hit by the over-optimization penalty.

SEO Strategy Update Post Penguin and Panda updates -

SEO Strategy
As all our current SEO services comply with the safety guidelines of the Panda 3.4 (also the secret panda 3.5 & 3.6) and the Penguin update, there are no services which are discontinued. However, we have made changes in the strategies used with all the services. The strategy change mainly deals with the data supplied from your side.
Please read the information below before supplying the data for the services that you had ordered.

Quick Navigation

Anchor text usage:

Our SEO services get links back to your website in 2 forms.
The entire SEO world out there focuses too much on the anchor texts to link back to their websites. According to most of them, using the keywords as the anchor text would rank the websites high. This belief was true to a great extent in the past, but after the penguin update, using “exact match” keywords as the anchor text would qualify for the over-optimization penalty. So, the following changes have been made with our strategies:
  • We would get the keywords as usual as the required information, but they would be used as tags alone but not as anchor texts.
  • The anchor texts used would be natural such as “visit website”, “more information”, “read more” as applicable. If you are ordering a SEO package, our research team would find related “long tailed keywords” of your target keywords and would use it to make it to look more natural.

If we are not using the keywords as the anchor text, how is my website going to rank?

This would be the big question arising in your mind now. According to the current Google algorithm, the anchor text should be natural and should make sense to the reader alone (not to the search engine bots). The bots on the other hand would sense the information from the content on board your website along with the meta title and description and would decide which keyword to rank the page for. So, as long as you are building links back using the natural anchor tags, the page would rank high based on the onsite information.

Services which use anchor tags:
  • Assured Article Links(AAL)
  • AAL++
  • TEZA
  • Link Wheels
  • Squidoo Lens
  • Document Sharing
  • Social Media Blogs
  • All the SEO packages with us would make use of a combination of anchor text and url links

Optimizing a number of inner page urls

Yet another important change with the strategy is to use many inner page urls with a single service. It is always the best to use multiple urls within each service in order to avoid over-optimization of a single page and to make the promotion look natural. This is applicable for all the services that we offer (both anchor texts and url links).
While providing the data for our services, be sure to provide a minimum of 5 urls for promotion. However, there are a few services where inner page urls are not allowed, but is safe to use a single home page url.
Services that allow only a single home page url
  • Directory Submission Service
  • Niche Directory Submission
  • Country Directory Submission
  • Special Directory Submission
  • Affiliate Directory Submission
  • Directory Submission Panda
  • Apps Directory Submission
  • Continuous Directory Submission
All other services could make use of 5-12 inner page urls depending on the quantity chosen

Slow and organic promotion

There were a few SEO services with us which were done in a single shot. While some of those services are safe and meant to be done in a single shot, there are a few others which need to be spread over a period of time in order to make the promotion much more organic. For example, social bookmarking service becomes organic when done at a slow pace. The current Google algorithm loves gradual and slow promotion and for that reason, most of our services are spread over a certain period.

Using brand names or real names as usernames in social media

It was a common practice to use the keywords as the usernames when creating profiles for the social media marketing services. Currently, after the algorithm update, it is highly recommended to avoid this. Be sure to use either the company name (brand name) or a real name. Social media profiles are mainly for branding, however, you are free to use keywords within the content posted to the social media profiles as applicable.