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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

5 Tips to save your website to be penalized

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These days large number of domain owners are facing a lot of difficulty in getting their websites ranked high on the search engines because of the Google Panda software that prevents websites from getting ranked higher if their content is not rich enough. The quality of content plays a very important role these days specially after several updates from Google like Google Panda and Google Penguin therefore it’s important to work on to your own website before you get in touch with a seo expert. The Google Panda now penalises the entire domain name if the content of the website is not found up to the mark. Mere optimization techniques do not work anymore. This can be achieved by the following the points given below-

Unique Content

The content of your blog or website plays the most important role in ranking your
website on the top. You can no more achieve the top rank by mere keyword stuffing
and increasing the keyword density, or optimising your website according to the
search engines. Many people used techniques like hidden keywords to attract the
spiders of the search engines. With the development of Google Panda and Google
Penguin, all these techniques have started failing. The only way that you can save
your website from getting penalised is by enriching the content written in it.

Good Title Tag & Meta Description that make sense

The content of the website includes that you should write proper titles and tags and
ensure the content is not merely stuffed under the headings. It should be properly
framed and should make sense. Useless articles and senseless words are directly
rejected by these hi-tech algorithms. For that, you should make sure that the content
is properly organised and systematic with proper headings and sub headings. As on
page optimization usually require much in depth knowledge and hands on experience
to develop good tags it’s better to outsource seo to India that will save your time.

Don’t over optimized – don’t always keep the same anchor text to build back

Over optimisation is a big cause of penalties posed on the websites these days. The
major purpose of writing the blog in the website should not be for the SEO purposes.
The algorithms easily catch such mistakes and they penalise your website if found
so. The sole purpose of creating the website should be served within the content.
It should be of high quality and written without the intention of SEO in mind. You
should also make sure that the same anchor text should not be used for building of
back links.

Avoid link exchange

Another way to prevent your website being caught by hi-tech algorithms is to avoid
too much link exchange. Using many links may also lead you in the middle of

Avoid spam forum and blog comment

You should take care to avoid the blog comments and spam forums as much as
possible as it might be one of the reasons for getting you penalised.

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