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Monday, 27 August 2012

SEO strategies or Branding using social media marketing? What should you do during the rest of 2012?

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Infographic on SEO Vs Branding

There was lot of speculation surrounding this topic throughout 2012. The series of algorithm updates from Google staring very early this year has made everyone think if they should really focus on SEO anymore. This infographic clears the confusion:

In fact the attention turned towards effective branding through social media and using different content such as the infographics and videos. With infographic promotion and video marketing boosting the effectiveness of branding strategies, marketers started to believe in the fact that 2012 need more branding than SEO. Adding to this belief, Google updated the algorithms frequently, which turned some of the best SEO strategies into something that could be harm. The result – falling rankings and traffic from search engines. However, websites that marked their brand presence in the social media continued to survive. There are scenarios where websites completely got rid of SEO and entered full-fledged into branding through social media. Is it the right strategy? Can websites survive with little or no SEO. This infographic explains it all. Clearly, it is a combination of brand promotion and SEO that you need to do throughout the rest of 2012.

Source : Infographics