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Monday, 27 August 2012

New Era of Marketing with Clicks

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If you are tech friendly and your command over your skill is good than you can domineer this world with mouse Clicks.

It’s easy to make any website, blog or portal, but the hard thing is the promotion or marketing. Today online marketing or internet marketing is very famous and supporting. If you have knowledge about web world, your command over English is good and with good communication skills you can earn very good income through home. 
What is Internet Marketing
Before starting we should aware about the difference between traditional or internet marketing.  Traditional marketing is limited in newspaper, radio, TV and Magazines. But on other side world of internet marketing is very vast. In online marketing we do touch the every place in world through web. The basic feed of any website or blog is online marketing or we can say it online promotion. The main player in Internet Marketing is SEO, SMO and SMM.
To optimize any search engine link Google, yahoo or bing is known as SEO. In this we use Keywords and optimize it in different search engines. By the using this keyword we lift our site ranking in SEs. And once our site comes in rank we get huge traffic on our website. In this the source of earning money is through PPC (Pay per click) or Google Adsense.
SMO– Social Media Optimization. In SMO we use the popular Social Networking sites. In this technique RSS Feed, social news, sharing and likes button, user rating, polling and many more tools helps us to promote our website. Sites like youtube and dailymotion is here for video and photo sharing which is modern technique to promote our website. Blogging, comment on other’s blog and updating on social network website is attract more traffic to our website. 
Social Media Marketing is like social media optimization but we do direct in marketing in SMM. We do direct marketing on sites like facebook, twitter, g+ or In this a profile is created of product or service and content is updated on daily basis, so that the more user can attach with this.