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Monday, 10 June 2013

Top 10 Earning Blogs and Bloggers in India

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Top 10 Indian blogs and bloggers who are earning big bucks by blogging are actually trendsetter for Indian bloggers and inspiration for millions of bloggers all around the World. They rules the roost in blogosphere. They dictates authority in their niche.
They work from their home, in their own time, express their thoughts independently, freakout in their free time and finally “ Live their Life King Size ” earning big money consistently. Their biodata, blogging activities and rise in the blogging arena truly inspire newbie bloggers of India and Worldwide.
I have compiled the earnings data of the top 10 blogs in India by considering or analyzing the below parameters. Income from offline activities are excluded.
  • Google AdSense, BuySellAds or likes
  • Affiliate income
  • Personal feedback
  • Page views, CTR, Google PR/Alexa

List of top 10 earning blogs in India

1# Blog Name:  Founder: Amit Agarwal

Alexa Traffic Rank = 1997  Google PR = 6
Earnings / month = US$ 17,000
Mr. Amit Agarwal is the undisputed king of Indian blogosphere. Basically, he blogs about Science and Technology in his blog called Digital Inspiration. An engineer of Computer Science from IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), worked for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, Amit quits his job in 2004 to become India’s first and only professional blogger. He has been the winner of MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award by Microsoft for 5 consecutive years( 2007-2011). His India Blog School is a true guide for newbie bloggers. His blog is the 1st top earning blog in India.

2# Blog Name:  Founder: Jaspal Singh

Alexa Traffic Rank = 10,331  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 5000
Mr. Jaspal Singh founded his technology blog in Oct 2009. A Mechanical Engineer cum Professional Blogger has set an example for newbies – How to be a successful blogger. He also likes playing guitar, violin and regular workout in the gym. His blog is the 2nd top earning blog in India.

3# Blog Name:  Editor in Chief: Sandip Dedhia

Alexa Traffic Rank = 34,749  Google PR = 5
Earnings / month = US$ 4600
This technology blog was founded in 2008 by 7 guys, leading by Sandip Dedhia. They usually write about technology, gadgets and latest news about technology. His blog is the 3rd top earning blog in India.

 4# Blog Name:  Founder: Nirmal Balachandran

Alexa Traffic Rank = 21,047  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 4100
Nirmal started his blogging career in 2007. He is a Civil Engineer cum Software Engineer cum Professional Blogger. He is from the city of backwater Kochi, Kerala. Presently he lives in Mangalore. He blogs about technology, WordPress and blogging. His instructional/tutorial articles are quite helpful for newbie bloggers. His blog is the 4th top earning blog in India.

5# Blog Name:  Founder: Harsh Agrawal

Alexa Traffic Rank = 7,339  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 3200
Harsh Agrawal quits his job from IT firm Convergys and became a full time professional blogger in Sep 2008. He writes about blogging, WordPress, SEO and technology. Apart from blogging he offers plenty of blogging related services on ShoutMeLoud. Besides blogging he loves traveling. His blog is the 5th top earning blog in India.

6# Blog Name:  Founder: Amit Bhawani

Alexa Traffic Rank = 20,133  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 2800
Started his blogging career in 2007, Amit writes about blogging, SEO and technology. Recently he received the 2011 Best  Samsung Mob!lers Award at Seoul, Korea. He also runs an SEO firm in Hyderabad. His blog is the 6th top earning blog in India.

7# Blog Name:  Founder: Rahul Banshal

Alexa Traffic Rank = 22,802  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 1400
Rahul Bansal started  in 2006. This blogs covers technology, social networking, gadgets and internet related articles. Mr. Aditya Kane and Mr. Sauravjit Singh are the two other writers for this successful blog. Mr Aditya Kane has written more than 1000 articles for this blog, single handedly alone. His blog is the 7th top earning blog in India.

8# Blog Name:  Founder: Arun Prabhudesai

Alexa Traffic Rank = 13,607  Google PR = 5
Earnings / month = US$ 1200
Arun created his blog in 2007. He blogs about finance and technology. He is an avid internet geek and spends more than half of the day in front of the computer. His blog is the 8th top earning blog in India.

9# Blog Name:  Founder: Rohit Langde

Alexa Traffic Rank = 38,266  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 800
Rohit Langde is the editor-in-chief and owner of He is a Mechanical Engineer cum professional blogger. A technology enthusiast, usually blogs about software, internet, gaming and various tutorials about technology. His blog is the 9th top earning blog in India

10# Blog Name:  Founder: Srinivas Tamada

Alexa Traffic Rank =7,577  Google PR = 4
Earnings / month = US$ 750
Srinivas started blogging in 2009 and founded He usually blogs about programming, social media and technology. His blog is the 10th top earning blog in India.

Utmost care has taken while compiling all the data available to produce a list of Top 10 earning Blogs and Bloggers in India. Suggestion are most welcome to make this list perfect.