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Sunday, 26 August 2012

What is Google Penguin? | Main Goal of Google Penguin Update

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Just like Google Panda, Google Penguin is another animal into the virtual forest of Google search engine. Its main goal is to terrorize websites with low quality content.

What Exactly is Google Penguin?

This algorithm is programmed to penalize websites that incorporate any kind of Black Hat SEO techniques and strategies to rank. Low quality sites are also targeted (Websites with poor content). The update made by Google Penguin diced websites associated with spamming. The fight of Google Penguin against spamming has resulted to unbelievable downfall of established and aged websites from their previous rankings.

Petition to Pull Back Google Penguin Update

There is a petition signed by almost one thousand individuals asking Google to pull back its Penguin update. The creator of the petition who is Jane Dorpish sees the Google Penguin update as a monopoly on the part of the said search engine to further give protection to the interests of multibillion dollar online sites similar to other search engines and Amazon, WikiHow and eHow. To simplify, its target really are websites with ads all over it.

Controversial Penguin Update Compared to Microsoft Case

The FTC or the Federal Trade Commission has acquired the services of former Justice Department prosecutor to handle FTC’s case against Google which only proves that small business owners are not the only one seeing the Penguin update of Google as a play of its evident power.
Ms. Wilkinson is considered a world-class attorney said that she and FTC is already working on the investigation however stressed out that it will be a great challenge since the giant Google is involved. If you still remember, 14 years ago, likely situation has been raised when the government brought Microsoft to court.

Looking Back at Microsoft Case 14 Years Ago

Although there is no formal case filed by the FTC yet, the same circumstance and measures are seen against Google. Looking back at the controversy Microsoft had faced several years ago regarding monopolizing its market by bundling its Microsoft OS and the Internet Explorer browser which prevented competitors like Netscape, Apple and Linux from having to compete. Microsoft’s goal back then is to gain significant foothold and alter OS’s API in favor of the Internet Explorer.
The judgment was issued by Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson favored the FTC. Micorsoft was required to separate to be split in two parts, one for the manufacture of its operating system and the other one for the development of its software components thus prevented the company from monopolizing the market.

Has Google Penguin actually been using its Power to Alter Search Queries?
Has Google Penguin actually been using its Power to change the results of search engine queries? This is the ultimate question; we do not have a concrete answer if Google is really trying to monopolize its market share to benefit websites it is affiliated with. Google however announced that the Google Penguin Update is to promote high – quality content sites and that their ultimate goal is to decrease the rank of sites that violate guidelines of Google.

Ultimate Remedy for Google Penguin
Google said that they only want webmasters to utilize White Hat SEO techniques and strategies or people with no SEO efforts on their websites at all. The ultimate remedy for Google Penguin update is to abandon off – page search engine optimization for a while and focus on creating quality content.
The interesting thing here is if there will be any filed case against Google in the future. So webmasters concentrate on content with higher value and let go os duplicate ones. If you will recover, then it’s a good news and for those who might have regained their search engine authority because of the measures they have applied, I heard Google Platypus Update will be released real soon.

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