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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Find Google bot visit time

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Everyone will show little interest to know when Google bot is actually visits their site. I was also one of them. Recently i read an article called "Googlebot Can Execute Java Script on Web Pages" in labnol blog. In this article, blogger Amit discussed about Google bot and placed a screen shot of Google bot visit details.

Through the screen shot I came to know that using stat counter we can see when the google bot is visiting our site. Immediately i have installed stat counter in my blog. From the past few days i was checking with the stat counter visits. 

Today (Mar 31st 2009) I saw that Google bot visited my site multiple times. I was excited, because i am waiting for this from the past few days. Of course Google bot visits every blog as usual, however till now I don't know when it's exactly visiting. Have on the following screen shot so that you can have better idea about what i am discussing.

Google bot Stats
Stat counter is nice tool. I found following better features in it.
  • Each and Every visit
  • Accurate visitor spend time
  • complete referral link
  • Exact Keywords
Of course other services too providing the above features, however those are paid. Stat counter was the only tool which provides accurate information for free. One back log in this is they won't store more than 500 visits in free account. We need to upgrade our account to get details of more entries.