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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Matt Cutts As Moses In SEO's Ten Commandments

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I am not sure that Matt Cutts will enjoy this too much but hey, if you ever see him at an SEO convention, it may appear as if he is a god. So why not be dressed like moses, holding the ten commandments in his hands with a halo-like glow behind him?
Steve Toth put together the 10 Commandments of SEO infographic and featured Cutts at the top. The 10 commandments include:
Thou Shalt Not:
(1) Have an Unnatural Link Profile
(2) Cloak and Use Hidden Text
(3) Steal / Duplicate Content
(4) Spin Content
(5) Stuff Keywords
(6) Spam Google Maps
(7) Create Microsites
(8) Sell Links
(9) Go Overboard on Ads
(10) Create Multiple Websites to Rank for the Same Business
Here is the infographic, click on it to enlarge: