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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Social Bookmarking Websites For Sale

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To buy any websites below please contact us via:
Website Introduction:
Highly optimised website by an SEO consultant, Social Bookmarking Website contains more than 110K+ members and growing everyday. All traffic is from organic sources, never paid for traffic of any kind. Check stats on right side on the home page. Selling this website because of other projects and online business commitments.
Monetization Of Websites:
110K+ registred users means you have more than 100K confirmed email addresses and most of the email addresses belong to web masters and people who own websites. (100-200 new users join everyday) 
One email to all of them with your affiliate link of any product or software will bring you a lot of sales, if you are in to monetization / Affiliate marketing then you know what I am talking about.
Reason To sell:
Genuine Reason to sell, I have many other business commitments and website needs more resources and someone who could look after it and who wants to get fruit out of it by monetising traffic.
If you have any question then please do let me know via email: I am always happy to answer your questions. Silly offers and questions will be ignored with decorum.

Website Name
Alexa Rank
Reputed Back Links
Google Indexed Pages
(Available / Sold)
1.Stickytags.in43410952Click Here$500Available
2.Openbuzz.in415642813Click Here$500Available
3.Opentags.in456861725Click Here$500Available
4.Computersupport360.com28049358Click Here$500Available
5.Xclusiveworld.com27301950Click Here$500Available
6.Bigseolist.com2952264Click Here$300Available
7.Bm4web.com24444137Click Here$500Available
8.Digsnap.com25617158Click Here$300Available
9.Genxlink.com25847157Click Here$300Available
10.Jigemark.com25889146Click Here$300Available
11.Linksvine.com27957110Click Here$300Available
12.Slashvine.com26966110Click Here$300Available
13.Traptreat.com33766116Click Here$300Available
14.Heardlink.com40909117Click Here$300Available
15.Soicalway.com28413106Click Here$300Available
16.Topperlink.com25558116Click Here$300Available
17.Surfersnap.com3533487Click Here$300Available
18.Findlinkup.com3357997Click Here$300Available
19.Linktrance.com3262894Click Here$300Available
20.Linkmanner.com3830292Click Here$300Available
21.Linkrunway.com34988110Click Here$300Available
22.Proxytrance.com35368118Click Here$300Available
23.Surfersvine.com34613125Click Here$300Available
24.Weblinkzone.com29318129Click Here$300Available
25.Linktosocial.com26994117Click Here$300Available 

13402515Click Here$300Available
25065636Click Here$300Available