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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Opentaks- It’s all about making connections!

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Opentaks is a newly launched social networking website that allows businesses and individuals to post information and network for free. At Opentaks, not only can people reconnect with their past and present business associates and colleagues but the platform also serves as a good means to search job openings, and receive tips and advice from industry experts.

To start with, you need to create an effective personal profile that may include information about your products and services on regular basis. Having a targeted client profile makes it easier to generate leads and get positive response from whosoever you make connections with.

It’s good if you create a link in your profile to company’s website. The more detailed you are, the more likely is it your profile will be read by the potential clients.  However, at the same time you should keep in mind that you do not overwhelm your connections with too much information as that can jeopardize their move towards you. 

And in case, you are an aspiring candidate who is looking for work of their type, Opentaks is just awesome for you! Considering the present condition of job market, a creative website like Opentaks can be an effective tool to help you get employment of your choice. You can create a free profile on the website and stay updated on the job offers posted by potential employers on Opentaks.

Or in other case, you can get a way to reach out to a larger number of potential employers on Opentaks by contacting business professionals, who belongs to your industry or share same interests as that of yours. That way, you can use your connections as a mean to gain, or sometimes, to clear an interview!