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Friday, 24 August 2012

Bing Webmaster Tools Reports Adds Percentage Changes

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Bing has added percent changes, deltas, to some of the various reports within Bing Webmaster Tools.
The percent changes show the difference from the period selected to the same time period before that. So if you selected the past 30-days, Bing will show the percent change from the previous 30-day period. This applies for Clicks from search, Appeared in search, Pages crawled, Crawl errors and Pages indexed.

Specifically for the pages indexed, Bing will show you the percentage change between the last day of the selected period and the last day of the prior period. Bing will also show the absolute numbers for each metric in this dashboard chart.
Bing’s Webmaster Tools data goes as far back as 6 months, so you can compare 30 days, one day, or even 3 months of data.
Google Webmaster Tools added the percentage change back in October 2010.